Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Perfect Pastel

colour on!

after 1 wash
two washes
three washes
four washes - perfect!
If you follow me on instagram you'll know I recently had my hair dyed pink professionally.  I've attempted it in the past at home but my hair is just too thick and I need more than 3 bottles to cover everything!  I went to Marc Antoni and despite asking for pastel pink hair they gave me ridiculously bright hot pink hair, but I didn't really mind as I knew it would wash out.  I'm really happy with how it turned out and I've had so many compliments on it, especially from the french people when I was out as it was only a small town so will have been quite a rare sight! What do you think about bright hair? Would you try it?

ps; apologies for the average quality instagram pictures, they're the only pictures I have of my pink hair!
love amy x


  1. wow it looks amazing! really suits you :) x

  2. I love how your hair looks on the last pictures! I look lovely! <3 x

  3. I was like is she going red or what? I love the pink it brings out your look pretty with it...keep it forever lol. RoRos World

  4. You look amazing! The brightest I've ever went was bright red but I don't think Id' ever have it in me to go for something outside of the blonde/brunette/redhead spectrum.

    Morag x

  5. Amazing! Looks exactly like Ellie Goulding's when hers was pink :) xx

  6. Oh that looks amazing!!!
    If I was blonde I'd bleach my hair too and put any color i can find in it. But I have dark brown hair and I don't wanna ruin it.
    Love the phone cover btw :D

  7. love your hair in pink, such a pretty shade ! x


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