Wednesday 17 October 2012

Sunday Summary Week 74

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1/ Found nemo's black twin   2/ American Apparel ootd
3/ Tie dye ootd   4/ Pathetic (recycled) bday cake haha
5/ Chanel & Lilac shorts ootd   6/ Pretty shop window
7/ Anti life Muawi Wow tee   8/ Super curly hair!
9/ Ooooh JC box!!   10/ Spiked Litas
11/ Sold out on the shop   12/ Straight hair

Okay so 3 days late..sorry!  I was at Salon International all weekend living the glam life of a hair model!  I'll post more about it in a separate post because otherwise this would be way too full of pictures! Also I've got a haul post prepped and will make a shoe unboxing video for my new JC's!
love amy x


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