Sunday 16 December 2012

Sunday Summary Week 83

1/ Chrismas tree   2/ Black Milk beer leggings
3/ Your Eyes Lie haul   4/ Me being vain
5/ Dungarees ootd   6/ Modelling shot back
7/ Fur coat <3   8/ New LV Purse!
9/ Inkwear tattoos   10/ Polly photobomb
11/ Phone got renamed   12/ Super naff phone case
13/ Me & boyf being cute  14/ Alex's new vans
15/ Owl onesie!   16/ Mums christmas pressie

So yesterday was my early family christmas as they're all abandoning me and going on holiday to France skiing while I'm having to work christmas shifts, waah.  I went to the #SWBxmas event today and it was so lovely to meet fellow bloggers!  Despite the fact I'm super ill I still managed to have a good time, although I don't think I'm fit to go to college tomorrow, so wish me luck with getting better in the meantime!

love amy x


  1. i love the idea of a week in review (in instagram pictures?). it's super intimate and really lovely! i love the owl onesie and you and your boyfriend look really sweet together! c: i'm also quite in love with your unknown pleasures skirt! <3 joy division are so wonderful, even if the print on items can get really overdone, the skirt is quite different! i love it.

  2. There are so many lovely things in this post that I can't decide which to pick out! Those purses are so pretty. I love how you have a photo of you with your boyfriend in most of your instagram posts. You two are so sweet! xx

  3. lovely photographs :D your phone case is well cute! xx

  4. I love your blog! Where did you get your dungarees from? They're lovely! xx


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