Sunday 10 February 2013

Sunday Summary Week 91

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1/ New holographic necklace (£1.50 sale!)   2/ Smiley crop ootd
3/ Skeleton body in Primark   4/ Pedo bear ring!
5/ Dropped my starbucks, waaa   6/ Primark dress ootd
7/ Nike crop/disco pants ootd   8/ Face of the day
9/ Cara Delevingne on Vogue   10/ Graphics final pieces
11/ Treasure chest necklace   12/ Drop Dead tee ootd
13/ Forever failing at winking   14/ Too excited about the new Kit Kats
15/ Someone illustrated me, isn't it so good!?

So, this week is a bit of a special Sunday Summary!  I received a tweet literally AN HOUR ago with an image attached, I opened it and there it was, a gorgeous illustration of me from my eLCy dress outfit post (here) by the lovely Carolina Sulberán.  Her twitter is here and DeviantArt here, and I would strongly suggest taking a look.  She does illustrations like the one above but also photo-realistic sketches in both black & white and colour (a skill I have NEVER been able to master!) of other awesome people like Charlavail and Hayley Williams.

In photo number 3 you'll see me in a skeleton leotard and I so desperately wanted to buy it but the smallest size was a 14 and it was far to large for me!  If you're passing by a Primark and you see the leotard in a 8 or 10 please pick it up for me and I can pay you back the £6 as well as any postage costs to me, I so so want it and it would be so awesome of you!

Anyway, I'm off on a hair show tour from tomorrow until wednesday (have to be up at 5am, fml!) so I'll keep you all updated with my travels etc, and may even make a vlog of 'A day in the life of a hair model' if you'd think that would be interesting!  I'm just worried it might look a little 'up myself' that's all.
love amy x


  1. i really like your graphics work! and what a lovely illustration of you! xx

  2. Woah can't believe the skeleton leotard was just 6 pounds! I want it so much haha.
    Love all the pictures, your style is fab.
    Teenage Daydreams X

  3. hahaha love the pedo bear ring!
    Your hair is truly amazing, I wish I had the guts to dye it someday

  4. Love the leotard! You're so good at graphics too, I'm jealous :) x

  5. Great photos babe, looks like you had a fun week!
    Bemsy x

  6. The illustration is amazing! serious talent! x

  7. I bought that rib cage bodysuit @ Primark in Edimbourg like 3 weeks ago ! Love it !


  8. I hope you bought that beautiful skeleton leotard!

    <3 Melissa

  9. i'm doing a giveaway for that leotard when i reach 100 followers :) x x

  10. love the illustration of you! and absolutely adore your hair! x

  11. Ooh I love that skull bodysuit! These are all great and the pictures are lovely!

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

  12. I always love reading your blog. Its like visual candy! Cannot get enough of it!

  13. Do the vlog and sod the nay-sayers! Love the illustration... and everything else, as per usual :) (Sucks about the Starbucks though!)

    xo Ashley

  14. Seriously please, just give me your wardrobe!!! You always have the most amazing tees

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here


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