Saturday 6 April 2013

HAUL // Motel Rocks & Spring Fever with Palmers

All items c/o Motel Rocks.

Both Palmers items c/o Motel Rocks

Brenda fishnet dress // £45 // Motel Rocks

Demi paisley dungarees // £48 // Motel Rocks

I literally cannot express how in love I am with Motel Rocks' new line, the paisley and monochrome designs are so awesome, and I'm over the moon with the two items I got.  The Brenda fishnet dress is lined which saves me having to find a dress to wear underneath, but has an open back which is so feminine and flattering which I really love.  As for the dungarees, the possibilities of styling it up are endless!  The print is so dainty and I feel the piece really modernises the traditional porcelain design.

I also received some Palmers goodies with my items, and they both smell incredible!  The lip balm is cherry and chocolate scented, with a pretty red tint to it, and not to mention it tastes really good (although I don't think eating it is the best idea).  The gradual tanning moisturiser is right up my street, in that I'm not really a big fan of using self tanners, purely because of the countless bad experiences I've had with fake tan!  This moisturiser smells delicious and will get my legs nice and brown for the upcoming summer!

Finally, I will be attending the Motel Rocks A/W 13 press day on Wednesday so if you're going to be there as well feel free to tweet me, I'd love to meet some new bloggers!  If you're going to be there make sure you say hi as well, I don't bite! :D
love amy x


  1. Ooh I love those sunglasses! I've had them in my eBay watch list for ages and staring at them here is reminded me how necessary they are ... ^_^ I have this dress as well as I agree, it's awesome!

  2. Aww I love both the dress and the dungarees! <3 xx

  3. I really need to purchase cocoa butter products again they are so good. And I really like the black dress!!

  4. Cocoa butter products always smell amazing! I definitely think I need to start using the gradual tan moisturiser asap, it's going to take at least twenty applications before my legs are remotely bronzed...

  5. I've never seen a pair off dungarees like that before. Must get a pair asap.
    my blog

  6. Loving the fishnet dress! Motel has some great pieces out at the moment :)


  7. LOVE that black dress!
    How gorgeous
    S xx

  8. absolutely in love with the dungarees!


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