Monday 8 July 2013


Flower crown // Festival
Bohemian Rhapsody dress* // MinkPink via Out & About
Sandals* // Choies
Earrings // Market
Necklaces // Etsy, Accessorize, Accessorize, DIY
Bracelets // Your Fashion Jewellery*, market
Rings // Market, Brandy Melville, Primark, market, Primark

It took me a while so get round to actually writing the text to go with this post due to the fact I was jamming out to Queen full blast in my room (don't act like you don't do it).  I received this MinkPink dress last month and it's so lovely, I thought it would be a bit of a pink overload but I like how the photos turned out, although it is a shame that for some reason I think I'm a lot bigger than I am and order larger dress sizes, resulting in this dress being too long for me - and that's impressive considering how tall I am (5' 10" if you're wondering).  I thought I might as well go for the boho look so piled on the jewellery and donned a floral crown, I just wish I had some brown heeled sandals, as black doesn't quite go but when I wore brown flats I looked so short!  Ah well, off I go to dance to some more Queen, hope all you english types are making the most of mr sun!

Ps. Want to win an awesome friday night out in London? Just vote for Ryan Harris in the ghd competition HERE (3rd photo).  I was his hair model last year and he has serious talent so really deserves to win, it only takes a couple of clicks, go go go!
love amy x


  1. I love this dress!!! It's in the sale at Asos, so I feel it would be rude not to! Although I'm 5ft so maybe it will be more of a maxi on me, life! xo

  2. This dress is lovely!~

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  3. I love the dress and earrings! :)

  4. Love this little bohemian look, the dress is stunning! xx

  5. Lovely dress. It matches your hair.

  6. I absolutely love this look! The dress is amazing :]

  7. That dress is gorgeous,love the colour!

    Rebekah ♥

  8. You look gorgeous! I love the shoes.

  9. Love the dress. Fits you perfectly! Also love the small little necklaces you paired with the outfit. Really tops it off. I actually always make my own little DIY necklaces just like that and get my chains from M&J Trimming.

    Right now it's 15% off all chains until 8/31/13. You should really check it out because they have the cutest chains to pair with dresses! The promo code is CHAIN201 and the link is

    Thanks for sharing this adorable summer outfit!:)

  10. Gorgeous dress! I'm totally guilty of rocking out to Queen!


  11. I've had this dress in my saved items list on ASOS for a while now, very tempted. It looks gorgeous on you x

  12. Stop looking so amazing in every single post please. x

  13. really cute dress!
    Emma xx

  14. Love this dress

  15. You are so unbelievably pretty, it's unfair! This dress is gorgeous and the shoes bring it up to date, it's the perfect mix! Cute blog :)

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  16. Jamming out to Queen is pretty much the best thing in the world. This dress looks great on you! I love how the color looks with your hair. Great mix of jewelry too.

  17. you look so gorgeous! I bought this exact dress the other day in my usual minkpink size and it's too long on me too.. I think it might be the style. I'm just going to hem it a little shorter, but yours doesn't even look bad on you at all! x

  18. such a lovely dress!
    S xx


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