Friday 20 September 2013


Hat // Topshop
Earring* // Body Jewellery Shop
Necklaces // gift, ebay, DIY, DIY, DIY, Hunter Gatherer*
Vest* // SheInside
Bracelet // Drop Dead
Leggings* // LovelySally
Platform Converse* // Size?
Rings // Vintage, Thriftette*, market, Regal Rose, ebay, market

So this top basically sums up my attitude towards the world an a more or less day to day basis, except for all my lovely internet friends!  I received these leggings as a surprise in the post and was over the moon as it's one of my favourite designs that LovelySally do - and because they're black leggings with a twist they're so easy to wear as they're not too 'loud' as far as leggings go.  Lastly you may have noticed that I'm wearing trainers!  Back in my scene kid days I had countless pairs of limited edition converse but I kind of went off them in favour of boots and creepers, until I found this pair.  The platform shoe trend is so big and I own a few pairs myself, so naturally I kind of fell in love with the Converse and can't believe I've gone without wearing trainers for so long - they're so comfy!
love amy x


  1. Great outfit! I love your style x

  2. Amazing outfit - especially love the top and the way you have accessorised with all the silver! Stunning.

    Eve & Faye x
    Sugar Spun Sisters - A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

  3. you look lush girl! I love your jewellery especially the cross through your ear and your rings. the leggings and top are great too.

    love | PixiRella x

  4. I invite you to join my amazing Romwe Giveaway - Chance to win super hero leggings!

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    Love your blog btw :)) followed! :) so beautiful and I love your style!

  5. oh i love your joy division tights! i have that record on vinyl. such a good one as well as closer. can't go wrong with the high top converse :D xo

  6. Practice isn't perfect, but perfect is perfect, and this look is perfect even though you hate the world. The poses and details like the bracelets, rings and other jewelry, the bowler, the T-shirt, those super sweet leggings and those perfect platform chucks combine for, well, perfection. You are also stunning as is your hair. Awesome look!

  7. you should wear trainers more often, I like this casual version of you!

  8. love the look the leggings are so cool and adore the t shirt
    xx ish

  9. Eveything about this is perfect
    hair top leggings jewelry
    you look amazing <3

  10. Love this outfit; That shirt is perfect, I need on my life.

  11. Lovely outfit, the converse look great with the leggings!


  12. I love everything about this outfit, so hard to pick a favourite piece but love the vest and leggings! x

  13. I really like LovelySally clothing but I'm yet to buy anything from them! Your necklace collection is beautiful :)
    Rachelle x

  14. Loving this outfit so much! Those leggings are amazing.

  15. I need a top like that! The leggings are amazing, I love their matching skirt <3
    Abi x

  16. I'm sure I've said this a hundred times, but you have a KILLER figure.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  17. Looking fab as usual :). I love the leggings and all your jewellery is amazing, i need a collection like that!



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