Lust List // April 2014


I haven't done a wishlist in a while, so I thought I'd change it up a little and show you all what I've been lusting after recently.  I didn't try to make a colour scheme or anything, it just seems I'm feeling very monochrome at the moment!  What's on your wishlists?

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11 Responses to “ Lust List // April 2014 ”

  1. Omg those sandals with the wings on! <3 need in my life!

  2. I love the shoes and hat!

  3. Yeah that sweater looks so sick. Lovely set! I feel the monochrome vibes rn. I'm feeling light plaid trousers for spring.

  4. Those sandals are just so amazing

  5. Those Acient Greek Sandals have been on my wishlist for ages! Love them. They're just way out of my studentbudget! :'(

  6. the black winged sandals are so cute! I want!

  7. omg those sandals! haha awesome! also love the floral dress, could be styled in so many ways! x

    ☞ floriebunda❁


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