Wednesday 28 May 2014

OnePiece to rule them all

There is one very large part of my life that I've been keeping secret from you all and it's time I outed myself; on the internet I may look like I dress to the nines every day, but in reality - I spend about 70% of my time monging about in a onesie.  For this reason, of course I jumped at the change to review a OnePiece.

Honestly, I'd say I'm an experienced onesie-er; I bought the first style of onesie introduced in Primark a couple of years ago and have never looked back.  Thick, thin, fluffy, footed, footless - I've got 'em all and it's srs business let me tell you.  Okay not really, I'm definitely overdramatising but I am very into my onesies, although I now own 6 - think it's getting a little out of hand.

The quality of the OnePiece is second to none, it's super soft and fluffy on the inside, with a slouchy fit and just feels like you're wearing a cloud.  The legs are super long so cover your feet as slippers, the hood is big and zips all the way to the top (still don't understand that function) and there are four pockets, two of which zip up which is a huge bonus - I'm 5' 10' and got a size S if you're wondering.  There's also a ton of details that make the jumpsuit top of the range, I absolutely adore mine and cannot recommend one enough (I'm actually wearing it right now!).

Although the con of this onesie is that it's unisex, meaning your boyfriend will steal it - not impressed Alex.



  1. These photos are great - looks like sucha nice onesie! Can't believe you have 6! I have one and that's enough for me - although if this one wasn't so expensive I'd totally buy it. Just thought I'd say while I'm commenting - your blog is great, and I admire how organised you stay!

    amber love

  2. Love it! I have a few onesies, but I've always wanted one from One Piece. so cute!!

  3. Onesies are the best! I could live in them :')

  4. love this one piece, looks cosy! The pattern is so cool! Thanks for sharing :) xo

    Natalie | Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  5. You look amazing Sweetie! Your hair is stunning!


  6. You look incredibly comfortable! I found a Spyro onesie which I am desperate for but after this review, I'm now torn! Novelty or cool? I can't decide!!

  7. You look so warm and cosy! This makes me want to buy one so badly!

    Kimberley xx

  8. As I'm writing this I am currently also in my onesie, a zebra one :') Your first paragraphe could of been written by me, my twin and I are exactly the same, we spend way too much time in our pyjamas and onesies. But they are just to comfy to care!

    Summer x

  9. I'm always in my onesie, winter or summer. This one looks so comfy and sounds great!

    Love Emma xx

  10. This one piece looks so comfy and warm! And I love your hair!!

    Kisses, Kali

  11. love the onesie, I want one of these!

  12. Haha I had a little giggle at Alex in his onesie, with his VERY manly Cath Kidston mug :P I'm addicted to onesies too and I don't blame you for wanting to review this one!

  13. Haha this onesie looks so awesome. I have one myself and it's shark themed. Really I can't resist animal themed onesies.


  14. I have featured your blog on mine... you've posted some lovely pictures there and an honest review. Peace!

  15. That onesie looks so comfortable. That reminds me, I need more onesies.
    Your room is so pretty and oh your blog is one of my favorite blogs, Amy. :)


  16. So many onsies!!! I still haven't jumped on the onsie bandwagon, been wanting one for a couple of years now but have never bought one for seem reason, this one seems pretty cool though :)

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