Monday 7 July 2014

Michelle Keegan X Lipsy Collection Party & Interview


Not too long ago I was lucky enough to receive an email offering an interview with the gorgeous Michelle Keegan about her Lipsy collection so of course I snapped up the opportunity, and on Wednesday I made my way into London.  The party was held at The Rosewood Hotel which is a truly breathtaking venue - gigantic hauls and grand stairways, it was the lap of luxury and the perfect way to set the scene for Michelle's collection.  The collection is very much based around Michelle's personal style, with pieces you can dress up or down.  Ranging from sleek bodycon midi's to an extravagant fur coat - there's definitely something for everyone and the whole vibe of the collection is simple, yet sophisticated while keeping it young and on trend.  Anyway; enough from me, I'll let Michelle explain the rest so keep reading down for what she has to say about her collection!

I know you've finished your time at Coronation Street, were you sad to leave?
"Yeah, I feel that it was definitely the right time for me to go and I miss everyone there but it's definitely better to go out with a bang than to fizzle out"

What are your ambitions concerning your acting career, are you looking to pursue it?
"Definitely, it's something I've always wanted to do since I was young - I'll always pursue the jobs and adventures and I'm never going to stop."

What about movies?
"Potentially, fingers crossed!"

What inspired you to branch out into fashion?
"I've always been interested in fashion and I've always worn Lipsy, so when I was approached with the opportunity after leaving Corrie I jumped at it!"

What are the inspirations behind the collection?
"We collaged together all my favourite outfits from red carpets or just normal outfits from throughout the years and noticed the trends I wore most, for example tailoring, soft colours.. it's all based around my personal style."

Which piece is your favourite?
"Such a hard question!  I love the white two-piece, it can be worn day or night which is why I like it, same with the tux, and I think any girl can wear them, so many ways they can be styled."

And lastly, describe your collection in three words.
"It's classic, minimal, and elegant."

So there it is, my interview with the lovely Michelle Keegan!  She's super nice and so easy to talk to (although super weeny, I look like a giant next to her!) - big thank you to the team at Lipsy for the amazing opportunity and for hosting an insane party!  

The Michelle Keegan X Lipsy collection is now available to buy from the Lipsy website and will also be stocked in BANK stores nationwide from August 1st.  What is your favourite piece from the collection?


  1. Great post, i love michelle's collection! the jacket you have on is definitely one of my favourites.

    Sarah at

  2. I love her collection, so cool you got to interview her! I'm loving your outfit as well, you shoes are actually amazing!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  3. I'm actually quite surprised by how much I like these pieces. Michelle is gorgeous, as are you Amy! x

    Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

  4. Oooo love you're hair in the darker pink Amy <3

  5. This is lovely, Michelle is so pretty and she seems really nice too! I love your darker hair colour too! It looks like a beautiful evening :)

  6. every time I see you just like a fashion show

    Thank you for sharing this,have a nice time here
    Keep in touch
    your lovely Poppy:

  7. Great post, Michelle is absolutely gorgeous and the collection is absolutely gorgeous aswell



  8. How cool!! I love Michelle, she seems like such a lovely girl! x

  9. Stunning photos, I AM so jealous, Michelle Keegan is my idol. Looks like a gorgeous event, and the interview is great!

    Sophie x

  10. Wow this collection looks stunning & i love Michelle Keegan!

    Love Emma xx

  11. You look so great! Amazing hair!


  12. Wow this looks like it was an amazing opportunity for you! Congratulations and you look stunning by the way :)
    - Grace xx

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