Sunday Summary Week 164

1/ Download with Zoe 2/ New Glamour Kills threads!
3/ New Forage + Find jewellery  4/ OOTD (Kimono, top, shorts, sandals, bag)
5/ Michelle Keegan X Lipsy event with Leanne & Yasmine  6/ Black Moon jewellery & Hype body

This week I've been working my little ass off!  I've finally quit my retail job which I hated and have started at a lovely little beauty company as a social assistant - it's only a part time summer job but I'm thoroughly enjoying it and hopefully it'll mean I can save up for a nice holiday at the end of summer!

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9 Responses to “ Sunday Summary Week 164 ”

  1. I'm totally in love with your style. You combine clothes so well and create perfect outfits! xx

  2. Gorgeous as always! Love your blog!
    xoxo Sydney

  3. great style! you look soo good!


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