Sunday Summary Week 167

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1/ New Bee Good cleansing water  2/ Fave Bloody Mary Metal rings
3/ Wildfox at Selfridges  4/ Castaway inspired Wildfox display at Harrods

I'm currently in the midst of moving house so everything is jumbled up and totally hectic, my whole life is in boxes and I don't have a clue where anything is - puts me very on edge as I like things to be quite organised.  Consequences include 600+ unread emails, blog neglect, disorganisation and worst of all, stress spots.  Give me strength, Jesus!

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11 Responses to “ Sunday Summary Week 167 ”

  1. Ohmy, those rings are perfect! Good luck moving houses.
    x mylittlejeans

  2. Moving house is so stressful! Hopefully you'll be settled soon and you can go back to knowing where all of your stuff is!


  3. nice photos xx

  4. The Bee Good packaging looks amazing. II really appreciate it when compnanies go the extra mile with that. I think it really makes a difference for marketing because see you've posted a picture :)

  5. Slightly too in Love with those rings!

  6. Good luck in moving house! You always have the best rings, i love these!

    Love Emma xx

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