Sunday Summary Week 172


1/ Awesome invite to the Public Desire party  2/ Selfie with Lottie at the FU shoot
3 & 4/ Shoot a mini editorial for  Glamour Kills with Jordan Green

This week has been so hectic - coming back from Reading Festival with just enough time to almost-recover for work, helping the boyfriend uni shop and a photoshoot, I'm so excited to escape to Amsterdam for a couple of days next week!

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13 Responses to “ Sunday Summary Week 172 ”

  1. So good mind with things you love ♥

  2. The boots are sooo pretty! Have fun in Amsterdam. I hope you'll like my country :) xx

  3. Have fun in Amsterdam Amy :)

  4. Have a good time in Amsterdam gal, i was meant to be heading out there in september but due to uni stuff it doesn't look like thats going to be happening waaaah! Have a good time!
    - ellie x

  5. Love these photos, especially the instax. Have fun in Amsterdam. I can't wait for the posts!


  6. That's such a cool way to invite someone to an event! Love the boots!

    Emma at

  7. The boots are so gorgeous!

  8. Love the boots. Hope you had a great time :)


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