Tuesday 20 January 2015

VIDEO // 2015 Ark Haul

Crop jumper // £19.99
Gingham skirt // £19.99
Sheer tee // £15.99
Tartan trousers // £24.99
Slit knee jeans // £26.99
Paisley playsuit // £24.99
Folk playsuit // £15
Sequin cami // £10
Sequin skirt //£10
Velvet playsuit // £24.99
Loafers // £18
Sequin dress // £49.99

Another haul for you guys, sorry it's a little weird with the two different clips, but hope you enjoy it anyway!  I realise that all I put out anymore is hauls, and I wanna make some more interesting content for you guys - let me know any video suggestions below, and stay tuned for some festival vlogs from the summer (that is, if I find the time to edit them!).


  1. I was amazed at how quickly your Ark Haul 2012 Amy Valentine - YouTube video reached the 301+ view count freeze mark. I love the variety of textures, fabrics, prints and styles of the outfit pieces in it. The knit of the funnel neck cropped jumper and the tartan skirt you styled with it. The black mesh to is pretty. Your winged eyeliner looks perfect and very pretty. I loved watching the video and added it to the "Hauls and OOTDs" Playlist on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/misterpantybuns (I'm subscribed). The symmetrical print on the coordinated top and shorts starting at 3:37 of the video is beautiful, and so is the print on the set right after it. I also love the matching green sequined crop top and mini-skirt. I love the feel of velvet. The Ark velvet playsuit must feel wonderful to wear.


  2. Your hauls are the best!!!! Love all the pieces!



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