Saturday 28 February 2015

Getting LFW Ready - My Marc Antoni Makeover



Here's something I've not actually done before - a salon review! I get so many of you asking about my hair that I'm surprised I haven't done a post like this sooner!

As you can see from the 'before' photos, my hair was a tragic mess; 3 inch roots, awful faded colour, butchered homecut fringe and frazzled ends - and desperate to not look like a total trainwreck at LFW, something had to be done! I have a long Marc Antoni history - they're the people actually responsible for first dyeing my hair pink back in 2012 and I truly believe it's down to them that it's still so long and lush to this day - I dread to think how fried my hair would be if my mum was in charge!



I've grown very attached to the salon, especially as my hair appointment takes 4 hours at a time - I always love seeing the familiar faces and everyone is so awesome!  I had my hair done in the Fleet salon by Alex - I'd love to take you through the process step-by-step, but I'd definitely get it wrong as surprisingly, I'm kind of a rookie when it comes to hair!  They started by lightening my roots - luckily I'm naturally a dark blonde, so no heavy bleach is required, then they wash it off and apply the colour.  I'm always very clear with what colour I want - quite a bright pink so that it fades slower, but without being too 'electric' - I like it duskier.  Through my directions they created a pink shade tailored to me, and advised me on what they think would work best for longevity, which is always extremely helpful as I hate re-dying my hair myself, it never looks the same!  This involved mixing up a couple of different combinations to fix the home dye damage I did myself (oops!) but I'm so happy with the result; the perfect pink!

Next came the haircut, which is where Dan took over - he's an award winning hairdresser and I used to model for him at shows, so can definitely trust him with my hair!  I hadn't had my hair cut in over 10 months (I know, shocking right?!) and although I didn't want to lose any of the length, it was totally dead at the ends and I had a lot of breakage.  I asked them to take off the damaged bits but to not make it too blunt, and to fix my tragic attempt at a fringe (realistically I should just grow it out, let's be honest).  I probably lost about 2 or 3 inches, but it's amazing to be able to run a brush through my hair properly, and for it to look thicker and healthier!

I always forget how important it is to upkeep your hair, and I should really put more effort into mine seeing how much I put it through!  Huge thank you to Marc Antoni for rescuing my 'do before LFW - I'm so ridiculously happy with the results!  What do you guys think of the makeover?



  1. amazing colour and your hair looks so healthy :)

  2. Such a lovely color ! Really suits you well :)
    Thanks for sharing xox

  3. Ahh your hair is so pretty! Love the new colour, it really suits you :)

  4. Gorgeous colour and cut! I haven't been to the salon in ages either, I'm planning a trip soon but have no idea what to have done! Haha xx

    The Persephone Complex

  5. Your hair is so pretty! Quite jealous of the lenghtXD haha
    Love the color you got, so gorgeous♡

  6. The colour suits you so well!! It looks so lovely xx
    Holly x

  7. Super style and love the colour!

  8. i am loving this new colour, its brought your hair back to life xx

  9. SUCH a lovely colour!

  10. I thought you had changed your hair in your new video. Looks lovely!
    Ashleigh | Being Ashleigh


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