Sunday, 19 June 2016



1/ Download Festival   2/ With Blogger babes at Download, Wearing Rokit
3/ Purple hair!!! By Not Another Salon   4/ Lazy Oaf press day cookie
5/ Basic bitch   6/ Need this sofa in my life

I had an amazing day at Ascot on Friday (despite not agreeing with horse racing at all - Mum wanted a family day out) but unfortunately I'm now suffering from an awful cold; I have too much to do to get a cold!?
This coming week will bring the last time I go to my UAL halls of residence; I moved out on Saturday and have to be out by the 25th - as much as I hated how little room I had and how gross the kitchen was, I'll really miss living in Old Street!!  Fortunately for you guys, this means there's a room tour coming - stay tuned!


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