Sunday 13 March 2011

day 13: a date you would like to go on

i'm not gonna lie, deep down i've always been a bit of a sucker for 'romance'.  my previous boyfriends haven't really ever been particularly romantic, it's hard, cause it can often turn out just insanely cheesy and cringey, but it can be done right.  i don't really know what my 'ideal' date would be, just something fun really.  i'm a bit traditional and that, so i just like walking really, and i would say that it would be cute to go into the woods but i would probably just freak out, maybe a nice park or something, or there are some gorgeous castle grounds in guildford too.  i don't know really, i also kinda wanna camp out one night too, set up a tent like the picture above and that would just be nice, but then you have the annoying aspects of camping, such as carrying so much stuff and no toilets or food and especially bugs, they stress me out so much!  i guess a den/inside tent (first picture) would also be kinda cute, but effort to put away etc. sooo yeah, i've not really answered this question properly, just kind of blabbed on about random stuff but ohhhh well, my bad.
love amy x


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