Wednesday 16 March 2011

day 16: 3 things you're proud of about your personality

oh god, i don't know, i'm not good at these things!

1. i like my music taste? i know, obviously that i'm going to like the things i listen to (duh) but i like a whole range of different stuff, from metal to mainstream, to dubstep, to chiptune, good for relating to different people (:

2. my creativity.  i like how i can just pick up a pen and doodle anything, and i'm pretty good at making things, i think.  i love fun diy's and almost always have a project on the go (:

3. apparently i'm easy to talk to.  i guess this is kinda true, as i'm normally the one to start conversations etc but i don't really know! i'm not good at self flattery aha.

apologies for the somewhat weak post, i'm not really that self-confident..
love amy x

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