Thursday 17 March 2011

day 17: things that make you scared

wow, i'm scared of so many things!  first of all, spiders.  i HATE spiders with a passion, every time i see one i completely freak out.  i've got better, cause now i'm able to get close enough to them to catch them but i still get all jitterish.  i also am terrified of clowns, ugh they're just so sinister and disturbing!  i could go through all my fears like that but one of the things i'm most scared about is forgetting.  i am a hoarder, i keep everything with memories attached to it, because i'm scared of forgetting the past.  that's the reason i get all sad when people delete photos on facebook, because the pictures will eventually slip my mind completely and i will have forgotten about it.  i also have this thing about the number 13.  i'm mega superstitious so whenever i see the number 13 i automatically assume the worst, i scare myself sometimes! i overthink everything and get all worked up when actually, there's nothing to worry about.  anyway, i have like 12% battery on this laptop which is my dads so i need to finish up before it runs out, as he needs to use it and his chargers at work, oopsy!
love amy x

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