Friday 18 March 2011

day 18: disrespecting parents

i don't have long to post because i'm supposed to be round my friends house in like 45 mins but i need to go through with this 30 day post thing!  basically, people being disrespectful to their parents is one of my pet hates.  even in the worst of times i still have a high amount of respect for my parents.  one thing i hate is when kids shout at their parents.  yeah it happens but when kids are constantly disobedient and swear and stuff i can't stand it.  i could be having the worst day of my entire life and i would never ever swear at my parents.  what's the point in being disrespectful to the people that have brought you up, put a roof over your head, fed you, clothed you, educated you, everything.  i absolutely hate it!
anyway, must dash, byyeee!
love amy x

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  1. i watch people swear at their parents on tv and stuff and im gob smacked, id never have the nerve to swear at my mum!
    sounds like your parents have done a good job in your upbringing! xxx


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