Saturday 12 March 2011

the future seemed so bright

so the mysterious topshop package is revealed! i bought american flag shorts.  the only size they had left was a 12 and i'm more of an 8-10 so they're actually quite big on me, but i love them, so i'll get over it.  they were quite expensive, at nearly £30 and aren't amazing quality but then again, none of my clothes are, i shop mostly in primark etc, which isn't really renowned for it's amazing quality clothes (and who's noticed that the prices are going up??) also, this photo is on tumblr here, i put it up just now and someones already reblogged it, so i have a little buzz of achievement at the moment aha, its very rare when people reblog my stuff d:

anyway, this weekend i am grounded unfortunately, but it's not as bad as it could be because i actually went to the gym today and i ordered pokemon black for nintendo ds the other day which arrived yesterday and so far i'm completely addicted, already got two of eight gym badges (not that most people will know what they are!) and my pokemon are nearly all level 20! ahh apologies for being a such a pokénerd!

lastly, i have a new favourite ~depressing song.  i first heard it when it was featured on radio 1 a few days ago and it's a generally lovely song, better than the original in my opinion, partly because there's no rap aha.  anyway, it's a cover of 'love the way you lie part 2' by skylar grey and you can listen to it below.  i really like her voice, and i can't wait for her album to come out, after hearing her in 'coming home' and 'i need a doctor'.

love amy x


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