Friday 11 March 2011

day 11: your current relationship status

ugggh why do all these questions have to have relationships involved!  as you may have read further down, me and my ex broke up on the 2nd of this month and i was absolutely devastated, not gonna lie.  however, i think i did most of the worrying and crying about the relationship while i was still actually with him, because i knew we were over.  now, i'm still upset about it, and i know i still love him but i've been spending more time with my friends lately, got back in touch with a few people and even made some new friends.  i've also started talking to this guy who's been so lovely to me this past week or so.  obviously it's too soon to start anything new, and i don't know him that well, but i dunno, i think he may be the kind of guy i see myself starting to like, he is into so much of the same stuff as me, we have insane amounts of things in common, and that's hard to do with me, considering i'm not really too 'mainstream' with my tastes in anything!  but yeah, i'm single, but at the moment, pretty happy (:
love amy x

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