Thursday 10 March 2011

keep singing now

so kinda random, but i need a post to split up these annoying 30 day challenge things.  i know most will probably not appreciate my music taste, as it's so diverse and a tad heavy, but it's my blog, so i'll post what i'm interested in :D
my friend alex showed me the song above yesterday and i looove it!  i've got back into all my heavy stuff at the moment and i know it's not a particularly happy genre but somehow it cheers me up in a strange way ahaha.  i'm a weird one.

also, today was my last mock! i'm so so soooo happy.  it was a 7 hour art exam where you had to do a drawing from real life.  i was originally going to draw my vintage cameras/gameboys/nintendo 64 controllers but finally decided on the model skeleton, focusing on the ribcage, i don't know why, but i'm just fascinated by it, i think skeletons are really beautiful, in a strange way.  i sound like a right emo kid ahahaha.

lastly, i know it's slightly random, but i actually had a nice day today.  since my break up it's not been too great but i'm handling it pretty well i think.  but what really cheered me up today, was being called 'gorgeous'.  my ex wasn't really one for things like that, and it was only an offhand text, saying 'well done gorgeous' cause i got an A in my art thingy, but i don't think i've ever been called gorgeous, especially from a guy, so it made me feel a little bit special and happy (:
anyway, that's enough excitement for one day~
love amy x

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