Sunday, 20 March 2011

lazy sundays

this is what sunday has reduced me to.
don't get me wrong, i looove weekends but sundays have always just been dull.  i mean, you can't do anything 'cause buses don't run, then you can't go out at night because you have school the next day, grr.

anyway, today i've been attempting to clean out my room, especially under my bed as i just shove everything down there when i can't be bothered to put it away properly.  i managed to empty everything out, finding a few very random things, including some jeans i thought i had lost, an empty vodka bottle and skiing goggles (explains the picture above!).  but in the end i just shoved everything back under! i did, however, manage to dust everything and organise one of my bedside tables. achievement? i think so.

i've also been attempting to do homework, ict mostly.  we've been set this assignment which goes towards our gcse mark, we have to create a website, spreadsheet or database for a company.  we had the choice between a chocolate bar company, a local band or a boutique opening in the high street.  obviously i chose the boutique, and if i like the brand names etc. i might create the business in real life, as i'm closing down susanna valentine, as it's just got boring and bland, gonna create a whole new brand, with jewellery and clothing.  i'm pretty excited, but will probably only start up when i've finished my gcse's as i don't need any more on my plate!
love amy x

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