Monday 7 March 2011

letters to god.

okay, so lately my friend phil introduced me to a band called boxcar racer.  they're not a recent band at all, in fact they're pretty old but i've never actually heard any of their stuff before.  if you like blink 182 then you'll definitely like this band as they are actually tom delongue's side band, and he is the vocals, so it's so similar.  their album (just called boxcar racer) is incredible, especially the song 'there is' but my all time favourite song is called 'letters to god', which you may have noticed is the title to this post.  the song is just generally really good and the lyrics are lovely, and, i don't know, they kind of relate to my current situation, just a little? but maybe that's just my interpretation.  anyway, do give it a listen, i think it's probably one of my all time favourite songs at the moment.  also listen out for the 'break' where the heavier guitar and drums kick in.  every time i hear that i get incredibly happy or even start crying, and if i'm walking i always so a little hop or skip when it gets to that part, aaah i just love it so much, cannot even express it! just listen to it!
love amy x

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