Thursday 7 April 2011


1. Bird tights £2, Primark
2. Garter tights £2.50, Primark
3. Bow tights £2, Primark

I went shopping today with the mother and baby bro, this can be both good and bad.  On one hand it's really good because she pays, but on the other hand, shopping time relies on the attention span of baby, which is often a very limited period.  Anyway, we had a quick mooch in Primark and I bought some new leggings to replace my knackered ones, a flower headband (which I need to return as it's already broken!) and a few pairs of tights, shown in the above photos! They were all dirt cheap, at £2 (the garter tights being a ~little more at £2.50) so I'm happy with them but I reckon they won't last long, they are Primark tights after all so are insanely flimsy, and I have a feeling that as I wear them, the knees will go wrinkly. Oh well, you get what you pay for I guess.

Also, today has been obscenely hot!  I'm always cold, and am notoriously known for always wearing a zillion layers, my peak has been about 8 or 9 at once, yup.  So I came out with 3 today, and was roasting in just 1, so was pleasantly surprised, can't wait until summer!
love amy x


  1. I love these tights (:. I definitely need a mooch in Primark soon, it's been tooo long :P


  2. Wow these tights are amazing! I want them all!
    Love your blog by the way, we shall be following :)

    Sian xx

  3. where are your shorts from, there amazing?

  4. Those black tights are so amazing!


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