Thursday 14 April 2011

Do you lilac it?

So the mother came back the other day with a load of new nail varnishes.  She's obsessed with them, and we have a whole door shelf in the fridge dedicated to them as we have so many.  She claims that it makes them less gloopy so they paint better.  One of the colours she brought back was 'Do you lilac it?' by OPI and it's pretty nice.  I'm not really too adventurous with nail colours because, for a start, I've been at school where nail varnish isn't allowed, so I'm used to plain nails, which of late has been converted to french manicure, since mum made me get acrylic nails to stop me from biting, cause I was reeeaally bad. For ages I've just been wearing black nail varnish, as it goes with everything and is simple and easy to wear, but recently I've been trying out new colours to be ~adventurous, and because black isn't really that much of a summery colour.  In the past few weeks/months, I've been from mint green, to pastel blue, and now to this purple.  I'm still not too sure about the colour, veering towards the black again but I'll get used to it I guess!  Sorry about the super long boring nail essay!

Anyway, I'm really excited about this coming monday because I'm going to Bournemouth beach for the day with a load of my friends!  I'll maybe post some pictures afterwards or something, haven't done any beach/sunny photography in a while so stay tuned? (:
love amy x

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  1. Love the colour - lilac is definitely my fave atm <3 And omg! My mum keeps nail varnish in the fridge of the door too! All my friends think it's strange and I've never met anyone else who does the same! :L

    Love Ellen


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