Wednesday 13 April 2011

Wednesday want week 4: Cambridge satchel

I've always wanted a cambridge satchel.  A 15" chestnut brown one to be exact.  I start college next year and my aim is to have one by then, so I can use it as my school bag (as childish as that sounds).  I already have the Urban Outfitters satchel in red, but it is that little bit too smaller than A4, so would be unsuitable for college which really sucks.  The one thing I'm worried about is that as I'm in non uniform, It won't go with some of the outfits I wear (I'm so fussy!) so pondering about the black, as boring as that choice may be, but it does go with everything!  Oh well, at £84 they are not cheap, so I'll have to get a job or do some maaaajor sucking up to the parents if I'm going to afford it!
love amy x

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