Saturday 2 April 2011

Happy Saturday

unrelated picture, just thought i'd put it in!
not really much of an exciting day, could have been potentially fun as i'd planned to see someone but then my mum informed me at 9 in the morning that my brother's birthday party was in an hour or so and i needed to be there.  so my day hasn't really been great so far, but last night makes up for it;  i camped out with my friends which was really fun although absolutely freeeezing, would not recommend it!

i have now finished term, so only one more to go until i've finished school!  i'm planning to do a lot of revision but have a feeling i won't be able to concentrate as hard as i really should, i find it so difficult to work at home.  this year has really gone so so fast, weird to think that year 11 is nearly over!  i'm pretty hyped about our last week though, it's tradition that in our last week we have a different theme for each day and all come in dressed as lunatics.  on the very last day we all come in our vandalised uniform and paint our shoes (we have to wear doc martens) so i'm looking forward to that, i'm thinking union jack or leopard for mine! :D
love amy x

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