Wednesday 30 March 2011

day 30: what has changed this month and what you hope happens next month

okay the title is really annoying me, i couldn't get it all on one line! this month started off pretty depressing, as me and my boyfriend broke up and i was finding it really hard to deal with, but then my friends were there for me and everything got a lot better, i guess i realised i wasn't as lonely as i thought!  i've found my old friends and made a few new ones and this one special guy (HAI IF YOURE READING) has cheered me up loads and is amazing and lovely, so i'm looking forward to the future, just got exams to go and i'm done!

this 30 day challenge has been rather annoying, i can imagine it must tick off readers sometimes but meh, it's all over now and i'm pretty proud of myself for actually finishing it, i've tried them before, on tumblr and stuff but never actually finished one, and i did them all on the right days too, didn't miss any! yay :D
love amy x


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