Sunday 1 May 2011


I'm in the video! 0.59 with the white top looking in the window and the girl on the shoulders is my friend Kathy!

Sorry about the lack of recent blog posts, been so busy with everything but promise to get things back to normal soon enough! Yesterday I went to London with a few friends to go to the Drop Dead store opening, to see if we could meet Oli Sykes, who owns the brand, as well as the lead vocalist of the band Bring Me The Horizon.  We unfortunately didn't get to meet him in person but we stood at the shop front and were able to admire from a distance.  I got so excited, as the only thing between us was a sheet of glass, how amazing???  ..Anyway, we got bored and caught the tube to Pineapple dance studios and met Giles the receptionist and got a picture together and Andrew Stone walked past us, we didn't get a chance to talk to him though.  We then all went to Camden and had a look around the markets, they're so amazing, I got some beautiful quartz to make necklaces out of for my new business I plan to open, but enough about that!  Next we caught the tube to Waterloo and saw a group of people, obviously going to some fancy dress party, including a cat, wolverine and a teenage mutant ninja turtle, then a busker with a guitar got on the tube and we all started dancing, it was so fun! A load of people took videos, it was the kind of thing that happens in phone adverts where everyone randomly starts singing and dancing!  Lastly we went to the London Eye near the end of sunset and everything was all lit up and pretty and I went on the merry go round (haha).  Everything was so beautiful and after a while everyone walked off, leaving me and Alex by the balcony overlooking the Thames and he asked me out.  It was so cute, and the best timing, so I'm really happy we're an item now (:
Altogether it was one of the best days out ever and it really sucks to be back home, remembering how much I need to do in my art portfolio and how much revision and I need to catch up on!
love amy x


  1. I love your blog. Follow me please.

  2. I remember drop dead from a few years back! I love their kitty vest top

    Aw how sweet - being asked out by the balcony (:

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