Friday 8 July 2011

Bye Bye!

Today is the day that I jet off to Spain for two weeks!  I'm pretty excited, as it's gonna be good to get out of England to somewhere nice and sunny but another part of me really doesn't want to go, as I'm going to miss my friends so much, especially my boyfriend.  I'm also missing out on spending time with my best friend who moved to Australia last year and came here for a few weeks.  Then there's Guilfest which I can't go to, that all my friends are which is so annoying.  My mum also forgot that she had Take That tickets so she had to sell them which she was quite bummed about.  At least I can work on my tan and come back nice and brown for Reading Festival!  It's also really nice to spend time with my family as we rarely are all together and it will be the first time abroad with my baby brother, and my mum reckons he'll start walking while we're there and we got him a floaty suit so he can go in the pool at the villa!

Obviously this holiday means that blog posts will be a lot less frequent.  I'll try to go down to the internet café as much as I can, and I've scheduled quite a few posts, but they will not be as good as normal I don't reckon.  I will, however, try my absolute best to keep going with my weekly's (wednesday want and sunday summary) but I can't promise anything!

Just a little note before I sign off, the beautiful picture above was not taken by me.  It's from a Flickr user which is credited underneath, I just put the writing on it to make it relevant to the post.  Click on the source link to see it in it's full, high quality glory and be sure to check out the other photography, it's amazing!
love amy x


  1. Hope you have fun in Spain!
    What part of Spain are you going?

  2. have fun! xo

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  3. enjoy your vacation :)

    Join the vintage give-away on my blog if you like!

  4. I'm really fan of ur blog

    - -


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