Tuesday 25 October 2011

Graze Box 001

So the other week I signed up for Graze boxes and so far I loooove them!  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Graze, It's a little weekly box packed with 4 different boxes of healthy but yummy snacks, to prevent you constantly binging on crisps and chocolate!  I thought I'd do a little review of what I got, so if you're interested, read on!

1: Natural Vanilla Seeds
I was actually pretty surprised at how these tasted! I expected them to be like normal seeds with a vanilla undertone/aftertaste but they're actually really sweet.  I wouldn't recommend eating them all in one sitting as they get sickly very quickly but other wise they're totally yummy.

2: Cheddar Gorge
This was probably my favourite snack in the box.  I'm already a fan of cheese, and the little mix in this box was awesome, the taste wasn't mild at all, absolutely perfect, and I'm definitely adding this to my love list!

3: Rustic Marble Bread
Graze do a few of these breads, and I love them as they're cooked fresh for your box, and you can really taste it.  I wouldn't normally choose something like this to eat, but it turned out that I really liked it, that's the great thing about Graze boxes, you get to try new stuff!

4: Beach Bum
This snack has a mix of dried coconut, mango and banana and it was alright, although the mango was super chewy.  I don't really like mango in the first place, so didn't find it too enjoyable, plus the banana coins were different than how I've had them before, so this was probably my least favourite box in the pack, nevertheless I still ate it all!

If you're interested in Graze, just click here and you can get your first box completely free and your second half price!  I would definitely recommend it, even for a few weeks, as it's just £3.49 for 1 box! If you liked this post please let me know, and I'll be sure to review my future boxes I receive!
love amy x


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