Sunday 2 October 2011

London Lomography Trip!

So I had Freshers on Thursday, which meant that my college had an inset day on Friday, as everyone would be knackered, so as my Dad let me down last week he took me to the Lomography store in London so I could redeem my £50 off Groupon voucher!  The store is located in Soho and it's honestly so cool.  The walls are covered in pictures taken by the various lomo cameras and it was just generally awesome! I did have a little look at some of the cameras, but I had done a little research beforehand and decided I was most interested in the Diana mini, as it shoots half frames as well as full frames, meaning that instead of only getting 36 pictures from a roll of film, I can get 72!  It's also, obviously a really nice, small size so won't take up all the room in my bag.  The original colour is actually a black body with the top part blue, but I decided that I liked the white better, as it's a lot cleaner and cute, so worth the extra tenner for the nicer colour in my opinion.  There were a load more, including the new blue and green ones, but I stuck with the white.  Originally I planned on just buying the camera, as the flash isn't always completely necessary, as you can always stick to daytime photography, but the guy that worked at the stall said that eventually, I would start to expand to flash photography with my Diana, and the pack which includes the flash is cheaper than buying it separately, and it comes with an adapter so I can use it with my SLR, and some cute gels so I can tint my photos pretty colours!  The pack also comes with a lovely inspirational book which includes examples of Diana mini photography and the great little qualities it has.  Also, check the shopping bags you get, they look like huge cameras, there were a few sizes, all with different cameras, so cool!

I've only had it for 2 days, but already I've used up about 65 of 72 frames! It's really made me think more like a photographer, spotting photo opportunities constantly, and getting creative with long shutter speeds and double exposures already!  In case you're wondering, I bought the Lomography ISO 400 colour negative film, which costs £8.90 and contains 3 rolls, available to buy online here.

Anyway, kudos to anyone who actually read all that!  I hope it helped if anyone's looking into buying lomo, I'll get my film roll developed when I've used it up and post it on here, so you can see how they turn out.  Also, apologies for the low quality pictures in this post; I left my camera at my mums house so had to make do with my phone!
love amy x


  1. ive been battling with my thoughts about buying a diana mini. cant wait to see your shots =)

  2. Kudos for me, i read everything :)
    Im not usually into all this kind of stuff, but it sounds really interesting. I love the look of the diana mini, its just soo cute. I cant wait to see the shots youu took, i wonder how they came out!xx

  3. so how much did the actual diana cost in total?

    i would love one, but dont have the funds at the mo

  4. @hanananah I bought a diana mini with flash which costs £99 plus some film which costs £8.90, but because I bought a £50 off groupon voucher I only paid £57.90 (:

  5. Wow, that camera was such a steal. I love the look and quality of the Diana mini. I really want one.

  6. amazing outfit.

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