Thursday 10 November 2011


Most of you will probably know by now that I do A Level photography, and I'm actually really pleased with how the course is going, as I am finally up to date with everything.  One of the tasks we were set was to make a photo collage.  I was a little stuck at first as I couldn't really think of anything, but inspiration from tumblr soon changed that!  It's mostly images taken from the internet as I didn't realise we were supposed to use at least one of our own images, so I stuck a pic of my legs in, why not!  I did do another but it didn't turn out great so I'll keep it to myself!

I've had yesterday and today off college due to open days, but I also was set a ton of homework to do, and one was, of course, carry out a photoshoot.  Our new topic is 'people' and I've always had a fascination of sugar skull, so I painted my face and whipped out the camera! I'll post the pictures real soon, as I'm still editing them now, and I'm so happy with how they've turned out!!

So tomorrow is 11/11/11 (duh) and with it being remembrance day as well, my college is doing a tribute to the soldiers and the whole college (3600 students!) will go to the playing field and forming a giant human poppy.  Students are the red part, teachers black and some soldiers are coming in to be the green, how exciting is that??  The BBC are also coming to film it and we may be in the Guinness book of records so I personally can't wait.

LASTLY, relating to the last paragraph, I want to remember tomorrow forever, mostly because I have this whole thing about the number 11, what with it being my lucky number, and I have a thing about always NEEDING to make a wish at 11:11, and what better day to have it done than 11/11/11.  I want a tiny tattoo of the number 11 on my left wrist on the side.  I am underage, so I reckon if I don't get served in a tattoo place then I'll just do it myself, what do you think??
love amy x


  1. I know tattoo's are popular now but I don't want to sound like a parent but I'd wait until you were older. I've got a home made tattoo but it now looks rubbish and I regret doing it. Its always worthwhile speaking to older people in their late 20's/30's who have tattoo's and asking their opinion (I've only got the rubbish home made one!)

  2. I think your photography skills are awesome! Love the symmetry and bright colours :) Your remembrance day at school sounds really fun, mine never did anything like that :P

    About your last paragraph, I really hope you wait until you're 18. I wanted a specific tattoo since I was about 15 and thought I'd be getting it on my 18th birthday, but actually waited until I was 19 :P I love my tattoos and have never regretted them but I'm so glad I waited.

    I think tattooing them yourself or by someone who isn't a professional tattoist is also a very bad idea. You're 17 now so you don't have long to wait, why do you have to have them so badly now? I always told myself that and realised I was just getting too hyped up and excited and could actually wait. Plus when you finally are 18 you can get as many tattoos as you want! :D (Sorry I blabbed on for ages!) x

  3. that tattoo idea sounds so cute! :) and I get that people are saying "wait til your older cos you'll regret it" but in this case if you wait til your older, the meaning kind of wont work cos it wont be 11/11/11? silly people! xo

  4. The tattoo is cute, if it´s something important to you :) I got mine when i was sixteen and looking back now the quality isn´t as good as it could have been if i had gone to another shop who only serve 18+ BUT i do not regret getting it done, because at that point it was something very important to me, and that´s why i don´t regret getting it done at that point. I still love it, and am gonna get another this month if i can convince myself haha!

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