Wednesday 9 November 2011

Wednesday Want Week 28: eBay

A load of you will know of VIPXO blog, if not follow her now! I found these boots after one of her ebay finds posts and loooove them! I can't remember which designer they're originally from but I really like the fact that you can choose the height of the heel and size of the platform.  I really want to order a pair, but they're just out of my price range! However, it is christmas coming up so may ask for them as a christmas present, so tell me guys, which size is your favourite?
love amy x


  1. Love these there gorgeous!!!! I love VIPXO ebay finds ;)

  2. I've wanted a pair of these for ages, ever since my friend bought a Burberry pair. I'll check the ebay ones out now - thank you for posting about this! x

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