Sunday 25 December 2011

Sunday Summary Week 32: Christmas Edition

1/ Drop Dead phone case (which I actually got early)
2/ Polaroids (mostly of Freddie)
3/ Got a Polaroid camera and 5 packs of film!
4/ Gorgeous Thomas Sabo acorn necklace from my mum, got a matching charm for my bracelet too
5/ Me being a goon
6&7/ Drop Dead skull scarf
8/ Love belt from Urban Outfitters
9/ Wore my galaxy leggings, festive!
10/ More little goodies I got
11/ Painted my nails with my new nail varnish!

Today hasn't been too bad.  Presentwise it's been awesome, but familywise not so much.  My mum and stepdad aren't good and the day was reflected by this.  Mum went to bed at like 5 and everyone was apart on the day where you're supposed to be a strong family unit, playing games and watching movies etc.  Anyway I'll stop being a downer! We dressed my baby bro in a little santa outfit and went to the ice rink and Christmas dinner was incredible. I've now got Christmas at my dads house to look forward to on the 29th and I had Christmas with my grandparents last week, and actually have some pictures of that to put up, so expect many pictures very soon!

At the moment I'm watching Danisnotonfire and Amazing Phil on the Radio 1 website and they are so funny! I love their videos so a 2 hour show featuring them is a dream come true, they also interview Oli Sykes, ahhh! If you're online now I strongly recommend clicking here and watching/listening to them!
love amy x


  1. I have the Drop Dead iphone case too and love it! :D My family are the same cause my Dad would rather sit around on his laptop than play games, but tomorrow I'm staying with my partner's family who are much more festive :) Looks like you've got some awesome presents, the nail polish looks amazing!

  2. The love belt is really cool! right now i'm having a sparkle obsession so I love your nail varnish!

  3. aaaw these leggins looks so gorgeous! And drop dead case too and and everithing...
    Have a great time ;)

  4. oh i love this post!
    i love the phone case and the belt :)
    lovely blog, definately following xo

  5. adorable phone case, i'm so jealous of your polaroid! x

  6. Your Nails *_*
    Nice blog and nice pictures <:

  7. Love this post-your presents are amazing!! Jel of that polaroid camera, those pictures are the cutest. Also your hair is so cool!! Hope christmas at your dads goes well + you have an amazing new year Xxx

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