Friday 11 May 2012

I got a car!?

I turned 17 in October and have been having lessons since then, and the other day my instructor said that I was ready to put in for my driving test, unfortunately the soonest space I could get is in mid july, yep.  Anyway, my dad said that after I got really good GCSE results last year he would give me £2000 for a car, which I think is really generous.  There was a Blackbushe car auction today and my dad said he'd go, but mainly to have a look, and wasn't promising anything, next thing I know I receive an email with a picture and find out he'd actually bought me a car!  It's a 2005 Nissan Micra with a good mileage and I've absolutely fallen in love with it!  It's the car I've wanted for ages and it's surprisingly really spacious inside and I can't wait to pass my test.

There was a little bit of a shenanigan when I got home though; my dad being all daddish put the keys in the ignition all ready for me to get in when I arrived home from college so I could have a play with the car, and didn't realise the car had an auto-lock function.  To cut a long story short he had to pay a locksmith like £115 to come over and basically break into my car for me which was totally weird so congrats to my father for reaching a new level of brilliant, but most of all, welcome to the family little Micra, I hope we have many adventures together!
love amy x


  1. That's absolutely adorable you lucky thing! x

  2. You lucky girl you and I wish you all the luck for your driving test.


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