Sunday 13 May 2012

Sunday Summary Week 52 - 1 YEAR!

1/ Bought some yin yang leggings   2/ Wing ear cuff, soon to be added to my shop!   3/ Little present for my friend's birthday 
4/ Cleaners had fun stacking my toys haha   5/ New american flag knit   6/ I got a car!
7/ Boyfriend ruined his phone   8/ Robin Reliant!   9/ Smoking boyfriend
10/ Rosy cheeks    11/ Pokewii   12/ Added a vintage satchel to my shop here

Things I loved this week:
1/ This post featuring some incredible paintings by Tjalf Sparnaay
2/ The texts from my dog page is so funny! See here.
3/ Loving the song Youth by Daughter, listen here.

Week 52, that's a whole year of Sunday Summaries, I can't believe it's been that long!  I've loved making this post each week and your comments are always so lovely, so thank you!

I'm now on study leave and have 3 exams coming up, and I'm starting my new job this saturday which is a little scary!  Today I've been listing a ton of stuff on ebay, it's all my dad's girlfriend's stuff so not really the latest fashions but take a look anyway, you never know what you might like!  See my ebay here.
love amy x


  1. That earcuff is amazing! Can't to see that in the shop, might make a sneaky purchase. Amazing you got a car! My boyfriend used to have almost the same Micra (silver too) and he loved it! x

  2. The ear cuff looks so cool! Never seen one like it before :)

  3. Oh you have such a beautiful blog <3 and great pics! Love the American flag sweater & the ying yang leggings :)


  4. Good luck with your exams! I'm in love with that jumper. x hivenn

  5. lovely photos, darling. i always love week summary photo posts so much. thanks for introducing me to this wonderful song as well. i am listening to it right now, and i love it. i wish you lots of luck on exams and the new job, doll! i will take a look at your ebay page as well. oh! and i also wanted to let you know, i have spent a while looking through your blog and i am so in love. i really like your fashion sense as well. and i saw that berlin is one of the places you want to visit. i live here, and it is one of the most amazing cities in the world, and judging from your blog (since i do not know you personally) i think you would really love it here, so if you are able to, you definitely should visit. anyway i would love for us to follow each other. i added you through google friends connect, hope you will do the same dollface

    xx rae

  6. mhhh love this jumper. it's from missguided right? have seen it there and was totally amazed- too bad i've already bought an american flag jumper, grr. ur iphone doesn't look that good btw and i love ur blog maaan :-) x

  7. that poor little iphone. i'm loving that sweater! and earring! gorgeous. xo.

  8. you did a great job in this post. I´ll be back soon!


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