Monday 9 July 2012

Lily's Picnic!

Bit of a late post, but last sunday I went to Lily's birthday blogger meetup! I had an amazing time and brought along my friend Polly, who's pretty new to the blogging world so check out her blog! It was so lovely to meet new people, including obviously Lily, then Ella, Lyzi, Kim, Michelle and Camilla.  We went for a picnic in St James' Park with some yummy treats like cupcakes and sweeties, then when the weather started to turn bad we ventured into Fulvio & Mason which was beautiful, but everything was so amazing and expensive, I felt I couldn't touch any of it!  After that we went to a Boba bar for some boba tea which looks amazing, but really doesn't taste it.  It's like a japanese milkshake thing with jelly balls at the bottom and I got coconut.  It was a fun experience but they were so sickly and totally not worth around £4!  Next, me and Polly wanted to go to Camden so we split from the group and I bought a vintage dungarees from Rokit, and as is tradition, went to get some bang bang chicken!

Overall I had an awesome day and on the train home we came across the cutest little puppy, I couldn't not share a photo of it.  I have a ton of outfit photos so will post them in a separate post (:
love amy x


  1. Looks amazing, I saw that on Lily's blog and wanted to go but didn't have a blog at the time, and also mumma S's "stranger danger" mantra is too deeply instilled in my brain to go up to London alone! Thankyou for the comment on my blog, I have figured out how to add the follow button to my blog (Blogger is tricky!), and I have an outfit post scheduled for some point this week!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time! But the highlight really is the little dog! I even let out a little squeal when I saw the photo! xx

  3. Lyzi's little toes make me smile! these pictures are lovely amy!

  4. Oh how have I only just seen this?! Lovely post and some great photos :) I may have to steal a couple to put on my Facebook! xx

  5. I love Bobba Jam.. other than the fact that you have to buy something when you go in. I think bubble tea is a Taiwanese thing

    Following your blog now btw~

  6. Pretty pictures ! The puppy is so cute

    Xoxo | Chloé

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