Sunday 29 July 2012

Sunday Summary Week 63

1/ Drew on my friend's wall   2/ Training it   3/ Bought my boyfriend a plug
4/ Bike ran out of battery   5/ Sleepy Tommy   6/ Cider ice lolly
7/ Midnight cowboy rides again   8/ Bitten legs   9/ Vintage cars
10/ Countyside dusk   12/ Electric bike errday   13/ Horrendous weather change

Overall this week I've had two events where we've stayed up all night - really not as fun as it sounds!  I've been working a lot more so hopefully I'll get a paid well at the end of next month, in time for Reading Festival!  The weather went a bit tits up today really, and it's really not fun cycling in it, the ride from the train station to my house really isn't that far and I got soaked, hope it gets sunny again soon!
love amy x


  1. Like the sound of the cider ice lolly - genius!
    Lianne :)

  2. I've been bitten to pieces too!

  3. Nice photos! (:
    I love your blog! :D

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