Monday 30 July 2012

Crow Wear

Daisy tee £16.99 - Crow Wear [link]
Necklace £12.99 - Crow Wear [link]
I just couldn't wait to post about my new stuff! Crow Wear are relatively new on the scene and contacted me about a sample and sent me a t-shirt and necklace.  The t-shirt (obviously) has a peace sign made of a daisy chain and is a really flattering fit, with pre rolled up sleeves and the fabric is ridiculously soft, so yes I'm so happy with it.  I also received a $100 bill necklace and wearing Benjamin Franklin round my neck pleases me somewhat.  It's like an antique silver and it's so intricately engraved.  The tee is just £16.99 and the necklace £12.99 so they're both cheap considering how awesome the quality is and Crow Wear's other designs are also fab and they do mens wear, so definitely check out their store here!
love amy x


  1. I love both items, especially the Daisy Tee :) xx

  2. Definitely gunna check out this site!

  3. looks really beautiful! and the box is super pretty :D

  4. really nice post! i love the tshirt :)

  5. These are amazing! I looove the necklace :)x

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