Wednesday 1 August 2012

Awkward Haul Video

I was really nervous about uploading this so please don't be mean! I don't reckon I'll upload that many videos as I'm really not good at talking at a video camera, I just saw a load of other bloggers were starting to do videos and I wanted to try it myself and see what kind of feedback I got! I tried making the video as short as possible as I hate watching really long winded things, but I could only get it down to like 10 mins.  I'd really appreciate if you would leave some comments and let me know if you like my new stuff!
love amy x


  1. I thought it was really good, you got some lovely stuff!

  2. I thought it was a lovely video oh please keep making them hun :) i'm nervous at making my first video so I know how you feel but honestly you did great :)


  3. Your voice is really different from what I thought it would be! In a good way though. You didn't look nervous at all but I totally get it, I'd be terrified of doing a video because I'm both super shy and have the most irritating high-pitched squeaky voice you've ever heard, even my friends have told me its unpleasant, so probably not for the internet!

  4. I la la la la love this. It definitely wasn't awkward lovely! And I couldn't help but chuckle at the idea of you bring scared of a couple of the pieces hehehe xxx

  5. "Not really great quality and I don't really know what I'd wear them with" hahaha always great reasons to buy something. Sounds like me actually. I liked it, wasn't awkward! x

  6. aw this is great! about your sunglasses, I have some very similar but I only bought them for 3 quid off eBay, but yours are lovely though! I love your disco pants and that cross dress!
    Elllie xxx

  7. not awkward at all haha, you should do more videos, this was so much better than others i've seen :) x x x

  8. It's awesome!! You should make a video every time you want to show us your new things!!

  9. Loveeee your video!
    Your clothes are adorable!!!!!
    I wish they had those brands in Texas!
    Your accent is reallyyyy pretty too!
    & i want your hair lol
    xoxo Angie


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