Knit crop top* // Hedonia
Hairclip* // Paccony
Cross earring // IRIDESCENT
Necklace* // Harts + Crosses
Skirt // Topshop
Thigh socks // Primark
Spiked Damsels // Jeffrey Campbell
Rings // Markets, Galibardy

So I may or may not have an obsession with tartan at the moment.  I've acquired about 4 items of clothing bought within the past couple of weeks that are all tartan and this skirt above is one of them.  I picked it up in the topshop sale - it was the only one in my size and reduced to £15, so I bought it even though it was still on the pricey side in my opinion, but it was FATE I tell you, and it looks totally awesome with this slightly see-through cropped jumper from Hedonia.  I love the dip hem and zip detailing on the shoulder as well as the fact that the sleeves are actually the perfect length for my gangly arms and to top it all off - it was £50 and is now £12.50 so this is your opportunity to snag a bargain!
love amy x

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30 Responses to “ THE DEVIL'S TEARS ”

  1. I love this outfit,I need to get myself a skirt like that!xx

  2. Sweaters (ahem, jumpers) are never long enough for my arms either! Also, what a coincidence that I spent all morning trying to remember the name of this awesome jewelry website I had come across something like a year ago only to see it listed in your post! Galibardy is the shit!

    Lauren at in between idols.

  3. Your shoes are so amazing! Love the outfit x

  4. You've got the grungy girly look down to perfection! The outfit is amazing.

    Lindsey. x

  5. shoes are amazing :)
    followed you long time ago, hope you will come on my blog too :)

  6. Love the skirt! Gutted I never saw it in Topshop! x x

  7. Um, i love this outfit, and also, wouldnt wanna step on someones toes with those shoes...
    Love, Lizzie
    P.s. New post! Those songs that always makes things better ;P
    <3 thanks!

  8. I love your hair those colours :D so pretty!xx

  9. I love the necklace and skirt! You've got such a great sense of style Amy! :)

    Emma x

  10. Love this outfit, I will always love tartan so would def have picked up these bargains to! xx

  11. Such a cute outfit! I think it's really easy to accidentally look like a little school girl when wearing a tartan skirt, but you look so cool!
    Bemsy x

  12. Love the plaid skirt! You look so nice here <3

  13. Love the skeleton clip and bone ring. Great outfit especially paired with the Damsels x

    Fashion Café

  14. I always love your OOTD posts! That skirt is so cute :)

  15. UGH those shoes <3

    xo Ashley

  16. love your skirt! x beautiful .

  17. I love that skull hair clip!!

  18. love the look the tartan skirt is amazing the fit is perfect, adore the shoes <3 and love the shoulder details on the cardigan
    xx ish

  19. Love this tartan!
    S xx


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