Sunday 19 January 2014

Sunday Summary Week 140

1/ Crystal Heaven London necklace  2/ Ark top & Missguided leggings ootd
3/ Vrai ou Faux Apparel tee  4/ Polaroid with Polly
5/ Filmed a video with Polly  6/ Molly's puppy, Albert!

Over the past couple of days I've been slumped over my computer (so..the usual) due to the realisation that I might be going to uni in September and I have 3 wardrobes and two sets of drawers full of clothes.  I need a clear out big time so I've been listing new items on my blog shop, ebay & depop (user = amyvalentinex) so if you're looking for some brand new clothes/shoes/accessories for bargain prices look no further!  If it was up to me I'd keep everything, but I need to save up so I'm not skint for uni so every little helps!
love amy x


  1. Lovelly girls <3

  2. Thankyou for introducing me to Crystal Heaven London's shop on Etsy! The jewellery is amazing! And that puppy is too cute for words! <3

  3. Amazing pictures, that puppy is so sweet :)

  4. What about roomtoor? O:) I would like to see your room soo much.

  5. That puppy is too, too cute! And I love that necklace!

    - Natalie [A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog]

  6. Love your nails x

  7. I love your Sunday Summary posts, this one has reminded me that I really need to use my instax camera more!

  8. hey,see you again ,happy?
    thank you for sharing this to us ,enjoy here
    love the girls,love the photos all!!!
    Hope to be your friend soon Pls post more!
    just follow you,is your turn now

  9. That is such a cool necklace. I am definitely going to browse your closet! Unfortunately most of those items will go onto my wishlist since I too have university and my wallet has been lacking in paper.


  10. I love your summary posts and omg that dog is cute!!! xx

  11. Your hair is beyond epic! I recently found your blog and I think its pretty sweet (:
    But I do have a did you make your blog so popular? I just started my blog in Late December. Its coming along, but Just wanred to know some tips.
    ~Makaela at


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